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I Got a Visa Black Credit Card Pre Approval : What’s That Mean?

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I’ve been getting a slew of credit card offers in the mail lately. What is funny about this is that I think the reason is I’m starting to carry balances on both my personal and business credit cards, so I think they’re looking at me now as someone they […]

My Husband Got Hit by Mastercard Breach

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So, just one day before the announcement was made by Mastercard and Visa that one of their customer data centers was hit with a massive security breach where millions of customer’s credit card data was compromised, my husband noticed a small, odd charge on his card.

He actually called […]

Major Credit Card Companies Toying with Tracking Buying Behavior

As credit card companies are faced with fewer options for making big profits off of their customers, often at the customer’s expense if they are ignorant of the fees they can be charged, they are exploring new ways to gain profit.

Having a list of customers can be very lucrative, no matter what your […]

Financial News : Debit Card Fees and Crazy Stock Surges

There’s a lot of news in the financial arena as of late. Some of it is good, and of course some of it is not so good, or at least not very hopeful. One of the biggest stories is the big stock market rally that occurred surprisingly at the end of October.

It […]

Cap on Debit Card Fees a Definite Go Now

The banking industry put up a fierce fight against the bill that was introduced which basically forced them to cut out their debit card rewards programs, which put a cap of a maximum of twelve cents on the per-transaction fees they can place on debit card swipes.

This is a major win for retailers […]

Lowes Credit Card 18 Months or 5% Off Deals

My husband and I are on a huge home improvement kick. It used to be that we would dread mowing our acre lot and tending to the multiple flower beds when we first moved in because it was overwhelming to us as first time home owners.

But now that we’ve painted inside and gotten […]

More Rewards Programs Bite the Dust

So, it’s official. Our household, who vigorously and vigilants uses debit cards a lot, no longer has any of the former perks they once offered. All those former debit card reward programs are pretty much a thing of the past.

My husband officially got his “severence” letter in the mail yesterday, stating that […]

It’s Official : Got Chase United Debit Rewards Ax

I had written a few weeks ago about how a lot of debit card reward programs were getting the ax thanks to some new legislation that may be friendlier toward businesses that use debit cards, but isn’t toward the consumer that used the heck out of their debit card reward program.

I received my […]

Living Without Credit Cards More Common

The days of free wheeling credit card spending may be over, as a result of the new mindset of thriftiness that has spawned from the recession. So many people found themselves in hot water with the recession. People lost their jobs, got their hours cut, had to accept lower paying positions, and generally found […]

Debit Cards Taking Rewards Programs Away?

I don’t know what I would do without my awesome United Visa debit card rewards. The $75 a year fee makes it well worth it for me, especially since I use my debit card for just about everything and shy away from using cash.

It allows me to see my sister in California […]