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I Got a Visa Black Credit Card Pre Approval : What’s That Mean?

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I’ve been getting a slew of credit card offers in the mail lately. What is funny about this is that I think the reason is I’m starting to carry balances on both my personal and business credit cards, so I think they’re looking at me now as someone they […]

My Husband Got Hit by Mastercard Breach

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So, just one day before the announcement was made by Mastercard and Visa that one of their customer data centers was hit with a massive security breach where millions of customer’s credit card data was compromised, my husband noticed a small, odd charge on his card.

He actually called […]

Make Sure Your Business Card Comes with Rewards

I spend a lot on my Chase business credit card. For that reason, I wanted to make sure I had been set up with a pretty good deal when it came to reward points. What I ended up choosing in the end was not a cash back program or something where you could pick […]

What Does 2012 Hold for Your Personal Finances?

I’ve read a great deal of very interesting literature this year on where the economy is going, how to insulate yourself from any incoming torpedoes coming our way in this delicate financial system, and also on how to individually improve your own credit score as well as your overall financial situation.

By far the scariest […]

Watch Out for Balance Transfer Fees

Balance transfer credit cards or even consolidation loans can be a wonderful, wonderful thing. But they are only truly a wonderful deal if you know, as a consumer, what to avoid and what to look for in the balance transfer deals you get from various financial institutions and credit card companies.

What you really […]

Ways to Beat the Other Applicants in Job Interviews, Applications

There are thousands upon thousands of people out of work still today here in the US. Many of them have been out of work so long they fear that the mere fact they’ve been out of work makes them a candidate for shunning from prospective hiring companies.

In fact, there has actually been […]

New Info : Popular Credit Cards Today

We’ve put together a page on the most popular credit cards today as we know them. I’ve written a lot about changing legislation and how it has impacted not only debit cards, but also credit cards and the way these credit card companies have had to switch their business models around a bit.

It’s […]

Frugal is the New “Cool”

Being frugal with your finances used to be considered boring and old fashioned. In the age of excess and carefree spending as well as easy credit (albeit many times high interest revolving credit), freewheeling spending was a way of life. All that excess created a booming economy, that’s for sure.

It also created something […]

Major Credit Card Companies Toying with Tracking Buying Behavior

As credit card companies are faced with fewer options for making big profits off of their customers, often at the customer’s expense if they are ignorant of the fees they can be charged, they are exploring new ways to gain profit.

Having a list of customers can be very lucrative, no matter what your […]

High Anxiety Over Today’s Stock Market Activity

Today is the day. Is the stock market going to respond wildly to the previous downgrade of US debt and credit rating by Standard and Poors rating agency? Or is this going to be a case of everyone crying wolf, and the markets may seem to tank a bit in the morning, only to […]