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Is Romney an Out of Touch Billionaire?

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As I get older, I find myself aligning more with the Republican party for their more conservative fiscal and financial outlook.  I find myself less liberal with the ways that federal tax money is spent. I feel like America right now encourages too many people to not work, and […]

Is Gold a Good Long Term Investment?

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Gold has been all the talk lately when it comes to where to put your money as a “safe haven” against all the craziness that’s going on in the economy today. But some, including myself, are hesitant to put significant sums of money into an investment that seems so […]

Experts Say Things Get Better in 2012, Will They?

I’ve got to admit, even though I am the eternal skeptic when some expert comes forward and says that this mess we are in is going to get better when every piece of financial data here and around the world flies in the face of that assumption, I have to take pause.

It’s healthy […]

Fear of Economic Collapse Justified?

It seems that more and more Americans are fearful of an impending economic collapse as new problems present themselves to our already weakened infrastructure. Are these fears justified? Or is it more a part of an increasing hysteria due to increased amounts of bad news coming out of the media as it relates to […]

What Does 2012 Hold for Your Personal Finances?

I’ve read a great deal of very interesting literature this year on where the economy is going, how to insulate yourself from any incoming torpedoes coming our way in this delicate financial system, and also on how to individually improve your own credit score as well as your overall financial situation.

By far the scariest […]

Is There Such a Thing as “Recession Proof” Business?

The term “recession proof” has become quite the buzzword in light of the new economic reality Americans are seeing themselves in today. I just read a story that hospitalizations for dirt-eating are on the rise, which does not say a heck of a lot of good things about the poverty level and desperation level […]

The Bigger is Better Generation

I hate to say it, especially since my husband and I bought a 3,000 square foot home five years ago, moving up from a tiny apartment, but I think part of America’s economic problem now is the thought that bigger is better when it comes to just about everything.

This especially goes for American […]

Finally, Bernanke Delivers Message that Makes Sense

I was anxiously awaiting the speech that our federal chairman was going to deliver two fridays ago. I awaited it because I was hoping to NOT hear what some others were undoubtedly hoping to hear. I didn’t want to hear that the Fed was going to try to do anything else to boost the […]

Second Recession Still a Possibility?

The headlines these days are so dang confusing. What are you supposed to believe? That our country is going down in flames or that it’s all really overblown, and the media is hyping our problems up too much?

While I certainly agree that the media are too much of a fear hound the majority […]

Debt Deal Scrapped – Back to Square One?

Well, it looks like the House is still at a deadlock over the whole debt deal. We kept hearing yesterday over and over that they were going to vote on the John Boehner (Speaker of the House) debt bill. Then they “postponed” it and said they would vote on it later last night (are […]