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Why Aren’t More Foreclosures Being Put to Good Use?

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I have to say, it’s sickening to see all the home foreclosure signs around, knowing darn well that empty, inhabitable space is just sitting around, doing nothing – essentially just taking up space, demanding lawn mowing and grounds keeping, and basically putting a drain on power supplies without any […]

Multi Million Dollar Home Foreclosures a Sign of the Times

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I was stunned to see the volume of multi million dollar homes in foreclosure in a recent report on a news site I was surfing recently.  They had pictures as well, of these stunning homes that were built, some of them never even fully inhabited, that entered into foreclosure […]

Will Your Home Go Up or Down More in Value in 2012?

It’s tough to say for sure, but it’s unfortunately looking more and more like home prices will continue their free fall in 2012. This is a really hard pill to swallow for Americans, including myself and my husband, who have seen the price of our home do nothing but fall for the past four […]

Banks Stepping Up Foreclosure Process Again

In a move that has many homeowners hanging on by a thread worried, banks are now finally getting through their months or sometimes years of backlogs, and are beginning the dreaded foreclosure process again. This means that people will be thrown out of their homes who previously had a stay of eviction due to […]

Why So Many “Numbers” Are Misleading

I find it interesting that the media, and the various organizations that are the number crunchers, like economists, federal employees who put out statistics for the government, and banks, use the numbers that they do to report various happenings in the economic landscape.

First of all, the numbers that are reported for foreclosures can […]

Economy’s Sputtering : What Does It Mean?

I’ll be the first person to admit that there are a lot of scare tactics used by the media when it comes to our fragile economy, but on the flip side, I will also say that on many counts, the media has been WAY too upbeat about the economic recovery.

The “recovery” as it […]