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Multi Million Dollar Home Foreclosures a Sign of the Times

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I was stunned to see the volume of multi million dollar homes in foreclosure in a recent report on a news site I was surfing recently.  They had pictures as well, of these stunning homes that were built, some of them never even fully inhabited, that entered into foreclosure […]

Banks Stepping Up Foreclosure Process Again

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In a move that has many homeowners hanging on by a thread worried, banks are now finally getting through their months or sometimes years of backlogs, and are beginning the dreaded foreclosure process again. This means that people will be thrown out of their homes who previously had a […]

The Bigger is Better Generation

I hate to say it, especially since my husband and I bought a 3,000 square foot home five years ago, moving up from a tiny apartment, but I think part of America’s economic problem now is the thought that bigger is better when it comes to just about everything.

This especially goes for American […]

Second Half of 2011 Any Better?

It seems that we are at a stalemate in the “recovery” that economists have been so insistent we are still experiencing. Sure, they admit that this recovery has slowed down, but when are we going to come to the conclusion that the recovery itself is an illusion put forth by all the government spending […]

Double Dip in Housing Market?

There is an ongoing fear that we are nearing a housing market double dip, although the odds of a double dip recession have been going down further and further as time goes on. Not that it’s all great news for the economy front, since the housing market has almost no good news at all, […]