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Is it Worth it to Have a Side Business for Extra Income?

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In a word, yes. It is totally worth it to have a side business for extra income as opposed to another typical job where you are working and getting taxes taken out on a weekly basis. It makes more sense to have a small side business in addition to […]

Economy’s Sputtering : What Does It Mean?

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I’ll be the first person to admit that there are a lot of scare tactics used by the media when it comes to our fragile economy, but on the flip side, I will also say that on many counts, the media has been WAY too upbeat about the economic […]

Starting Your Own Business Sideline : More Doing It

More and more people have become interested in starting a second job, so to speak. No, not really a job, but more of a business, as a sideline to what they already do. Maybe they have a desk job, or some other sort of corporate-like job during the day, and then they go home […]

People Reigning in Spending Again?

Well, it seems that just as we all breathe a sigh of relief (especially those of us who own businesses which are largely reliant on consumer spending, but then again, what business isn’t) and think that Americans are loosening their purse strings, we get jumpy again about the economy.

Then, people start to reel […]