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How to Use Credit Cards Properly

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Credit cards can be great. They were created for a reason. That reason was not to put us all in blind debt by spending money on things that we knowingly couldn’t pay off in a reasonable amount of time or spend money we simply did not have.  Of course, […]

Getting More Credit Card Offers Suddenly

So, after apparently being on some “list” for a while, and my husband, who technically should have worse credit than me, getting all the credit card offers, I’m finally getting them again. Why they took a hiatus I don’t know.

What is especially amusing (I say that sarcastically), is that I used to get […]

Is Refinancing Your Home Worth It?

I have been thinking about what my husband and I are going to do in the near future when we have our secondary mortgage paid off. We got a secondary mortgage on our home when we bought it five years ago so that we would not have to make a down payment on the […]

Days Same as Cash is Awesome..

The “120 days same as cash” or “6 months same as cash” deals and things like that are really a savior when it comes to making large purchases. My husband and I pretty much rely on this for certain large purchases of ours, such as a big television from Best Buy, or some furniture […]

Living Without Credit Cards More Common

The days of free wheeling credit card spending may be over, as a result of the new mindset of thriftiness that has spawned from the recession. So many people found themselves in hot water with the recession. People lost their jobs, got their hours cut, had to accept lower paying positions, and generally found […]

Cars and Down Payments : Get that Low Monthly Payment!

My husband and I are of the same mentality when it comes to the vehicles in our household. We run them into the ground. We are definitely not the type of people who need to get a fancy new car every time we get tired of the one we have.

We also are not […]

30 Year Mortgage Going Away?

There has been a lot of talk about how the current mortgage and housing crisis is going to affect the future of home buying for all Americans who still want a slice of the American dream, but cannot afford the huge monthly sums that are often required of a mortgage that is shorter than […]

Are There Secondary Mortgages Any More?

When we bought our home, which incidentally was only two years before the Great Recession hit, and lenders really tightened their lending capabilities and generosity, there was still such a thing as buying a home with no down payment. These zero down pay options are virtually eliminated with the way the market is today […]