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Jobs Report Good News for Americans

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We’ve finally gotten some good news in the form of jobs reports that actually seem like the economy may be digging itself out slowly from the economic turmoil that has emblazoned a path through the last several years of our lives.  This time, it feels good and right, except […]

Jobless Reports Fail to Improve Market

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The stock market seems to be especially susceptible to the headlines for the past two years. Ever since the big US economic meltdown which started in 2008 (or at least made itself known then), the stock market seems to be the most volatile I’ve ever seen.

Granted, I haven’t […]

Starting Your Own Business Sideline : More Doing It

More and more people have become interested in starting a second job, so to speak. No, not really a job, but more of a business, as a sideline to what they already do. Maybe they have a desk job, or some other sort of corporate-like job during the day, and then they go home […]

Jobs for Teens to Be Scarce Again

And to think that I took my junk jobs at Dairy Queen and Burger King for granted when I was a teenager…teens today are having a rough go of it in the job market – even rougher than their adult counterparts, to boot.

With the economic conditions as they are today, and many adults […]