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Multi Million Dollar Home Foreclosures a Sign of the Times

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I was stunned to see the volume of multi million dollar homes in foreclosure in a recent report on a news site I was surfing recently.  They had pictures as well, of these stunning homes that were built, some of them never even fully inhabited, that entered into foreclosure […]

Cars and Down Payments : Get that Low Monthly Payment!

My husband and I are of the same mentality when it comes to the vehicles in our household. We run them into the ground. We are definitely not the type of people who need to get a fancy new car every time we get tired of the one we have.

We also are not […]

Credit Card Consolidation Loans : Things to Know

Things to know about Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan

If you are suffering under the weight of multiple credit card debts, then you should con-sider from various debt solutions a solution that may provide you relief from the situation.

If you are being able to pay the minimum amount on all credit cards but […]