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Double Dip in Housing Market?

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There is an ongoing fear that we are nearing a housing market double dip, although the odds of a double dip recession have been going down further and further as time goes on. Not that it’s all great news for the economy front, since the housing market has almost […]

New : Prime Credit Cards

We have created a new information page where you can find out what the prime rate is, what it means for you and your credit card bill, and how you can research what the going prime rate is and how to get it on a card that you want to use for personal or […]

30 Year Mortgage Going Away?

There has been a lot of talk about how the current mortgage and housing crisis is going to affect the future of home buying for all Americans who still want a slice of the American dream, but cannot afford the huge monthly sums that are often required of a mortgage that is shorter than […]