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Saving for Vacations

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My husband and I do not by any means take elaborate, expensive vacations. In fact, we never even really had a proper tropical honeymoon because we are both too strict with our spending money and we really felt that we had spent too much on the wedding as it […]

We Got an Escrow Shortage Notice Grrr…..

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I really hate unected bills. Especially those that exceed $500, as the lovely escrow shortage notice we just got in the mail for our taxes and insurance bill for our mortgage. I would really love if, just for one friggin year, our mortgage company would figure our estimates out […]

Getting More Credit Card Offers Suddenly

So, after apparently being on some “list” for a while, and my husband, who technically should have worse credit than me, getting all the credit card offers, I’m finally getting them again. Why they took a hiatus I don’t know.

What is especially amusing (I say that sarcastically), is that I used to get […]

Credit Score Websites in Trouble?

I read an interesting article headline the other day that just made me have to read the article in its entirety. Good headlining, I’d say! It was something about “are credit score websites committing fraud” or something to that effect, so I figured I would check since I have checked my free credit score […]