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Getting More Credit Card Offers Suddenly

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So, after apparently being on some “list” for a while, and my husband, who technically should have worse credit than me, getting all the credit card offers, I’m finally getting them again. Why they took a hiatus I don’t know.

What is especially amusing (I say that sarcastically), is […]

Productivity Through the Roof, Salaries Stagnant

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I just read the most fascinating, if not short, article on the skyrocketing productivity that most companies are getting out of their employees these days.

The problem for the employees that are giving the companies all this extra productivity is that, while they are working ten times harder […]

Is Refinancing Your Home Worth It?

I have been thinking about what my husband and I are going to do in the near future when we have our secondary mortgage paid off. We got a secondary mortgage on our home when we bought it five years ago so that we would not have to make a down payment on the […]

Americans Tired of Being Thrifty?

Well, if there’s anything good to be said about the American mentality on shopping, spending, and enjoying their hard earned money, it’s that this mentality has turned the US into the biggest capitalist society on earth. Essentially, consumerism has made America the land of opportunity.

That, and it’s enabling sense toward small business and […]

Jobs Finally Really Accelerating?

This is the news that we’ve all been waiting to hear. Not more of this pseudo good news like “jobless claims god down” or “less peopel claim unemployment than anticipated”. That’s not good news, that’s just saying things haven’t gotten WORSE, not that they are actually, actively getting better.

After all, jobs are what […]