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People Driving Cars Until They Die Now

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I was absolutely amazed when a car salesman told my husband and I about how much the production of new cars had fallen off of a cliff after the infamous 2008 stock market plunge and the ensuing financial chaos that we now know of as our “new normal”.

He […]

Smart Phones Allow You To Find Great Deals

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I love having a smartphone. I think it has actually helped me to improve my financial situation in a variety of ways. First and foremost, it allows me to easily monitor things for my business.

In addition to holding my 9-5 job, I also run a business on […]

Gas and Food Astronomical

Hate to be the bearer of what seems like constantly bad news for our financial straits right now, but there are several factors working against the hard working people of America right now. We used to be the land of golden opportunity, but that paradigm is slowly starting to shift thanks to a stagnant […]

Gas Rewards the Way to Go with Prices Skyrocketing?

Gas reward credit cards are immensely popular already. They may actually be third behind travelling rewards card like airline miles credit cards and generall, all purpose rewards cards, which give you money back for your purchases, or points toward a preselected “store” of goods.

With the price of gasoline on the rise again in […]

Financial Hurdles of Tomorrow

Most people, no matter what walk of life you come from, are facing some difficult times right now. Whether you know friends or family who have lost their jobs, reduced their pay, cut hours, or had to move away just to get another job, this country’s great financial fall as of the last 3 […]