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Saving for Vacations

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My husband and I do not by any means take elaborate, expensive vacations. In fact, we never even really had a proper tropical honeymoon because we are both too strict with our spending money and we really felt that we had spent too much on the wedding as it […]

Second Recession Still a Possibility?

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The headlines these days are so dang confusing. What are you supposed to believe? That our country is going down in flames or that it’s all really overblown, and the media is hyping our problems up too much?

While I certainly agree that the media are too much of […]

Saving Money on Road Trips

Although “saving money” and “road trip” may no longer be logically linked together, what with the crazy high gas prices now, there are ways that you can make a scaled back family vacation where you drive in a car instead of pay (also high) airfare.

The first is to get yourself a great […]

Americans Tired of Being Thrifty?

Well, if there’s anything good to be said about the American mentality on shopping, spending, and enjoying their hard earned money, it’s that this mentality has turned the US into the biggest capitalist society on earth. Essentially, consumerism has made America the land of opportunity.

That, and it’s enabling sense toward small business and […]