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If Inflation is Coming, When Will it Hit?

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You keep hearing murmurs of inflation coming, but still the dollar value remains high and the talks of inflation remain muted since it has not yet materialized. Another fact muting the talks of inflation is that no additional “stimulus” money has been pledged by Ben Bernanke, the charimen of […]

Section 8 Options Closed Out in Many Areas

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In perhaps one of the most startling signs of the times, I found out that Section 8 housing, which may be a term unique to my native Ohio or not, but basically it is low income subsidized housing, has been completely closed out. This has been going on for […]

Is Gold a Good Long Term Investment?

Gold has been all the talk lately when it comes to where to put your money as a “safe haven” against all the craziness that’s going on in the economy today. But some, including myself, are hesitant to put significant sums of money into an investment that seems so arbitrary, and has little inherent […]

Fear of Economic Collapse Justified?

It seems that more and more Americans are fearful of an impending economic collapse as new problems present themselves to our already weakened infrastructure. Are these fears justified? Or is it more a part of an increasing hysteria due to increased amounts of bad news coming out of the media as it relates to […]

Is China Becoming the New World Power?

The recent actions, news and happenings over the past couple of years have some questioning whether China will become the leading new world power. Why? Because they basically have that control over the world’s money right now.

With so many other governments hurting for money, and countries coming to them left and right for […]

High Anxiety Over Today’s Stock Market Activity

Today is the day. Is the stock market going to respond wildly to the previous downgrade of US debt and credit rating by Standard and Poors rating agency? Or is this going to be a case of everyone crying wolf, and the markets may seem to tank a bit in the morning, only to […]