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What Kind of People Make the Best Leaders at Work?

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I’ve been listening a lot to this CD I bought for a really good price about two years ago that is basically a conversation with the founder of Whole Foods John Mackey. As you know, Whole Foods is a huge franchise now.

It started off as mainly a hippie-type […]

Section 8 Options Closed Out in Many Areas

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In perhaps one of the most startling signs of the times, I found out that Section 8 housing, which may be a term unique to my native Ohio or not, but basically it is low income subsidized housing, has been completely closed out. This has been going on for […]

Jobs Finally Really Accelerating?

This is the news that we’ve all been waiting to hear. Not more of this pseudo good news like “jobless claims god down” or “less peopel claim unemployment than anticipated”. That’s not good news, that’s just saying things haven’t gotten WORSE, not that they are actually, actively getting better.

After all, jobs are what […]

Jobs for Teens to Be Scarce Again

And to think that I took my junk jobs at Dairy Queen and Burger King for granted when I was a teenager…teens today are having a rough go of it in the job market – even rougher than their adult counterparts, to boot.

With the economic conditions as they are today, and many adults […]