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The One Good Thing About the Economy :Ridiculous Sales!

The only silver lining, and I mean probably really the ONLY silver lining about how this economy is going right now, is that there are some really fantastic sales everywhere you look. Want to go clothes chopping? There’s always sales! Wanna fix your house up? There are even dirt cheap laborers and ridiculous bargain basement prices on things like that because no one is buying anything and retailers are desperate to unload their products and/or services!

I’m writing about this because I just went shopping with my best friend last weekend. We went to a shopping outlet in Northeastern Ohio (near where we both live), and I couldn’t believe some of the deals I was finding. You would definitely not have seen those same kind of dirt cheap prices about three to four years ago, and yet here they are, giving stuff away practically.

One example is that we were at a higher end shoe store at this outlet mall, and they were running a special on boots where you buy one pair and get two pairs for free! Yeah, buy one, get TWO for free, if you can believe that! So, my friend got a pair that she needed and I got two pairs that I desperately needed for the winter time. An order that would have normally cost me close to $250 cost me only $89. Now that’s crazy.

Granted, the reason for these prices is not a good one, but if you still have a job and are still making a paycheck, these days are the perfect opportunity for you to pick up some serious bargains, and maybe even profit from them in the future.

When I say profit from them in the future, I mean if you get stuff done to your home that raises the value, you can really put a lot of value in for practically nothing right now, especially in economically depressed areas where contractors are dying for your business. It’s truly a shopper’s dream out there, and you may as well load up now before the economy starts booming again (trust me folks, it will, it will just take time).

They’ll be gone for a good long time and may not ever occur like this in our lifetime again for all we know. Take advantage while you can, especially on any items or services that might yield you a nice profit in the future when the economy turns around. Now, that’s smart thinking right there!

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