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United’s Airfare Deals

Well, maybe you won’t have to whip out the airfair frequent flyer miles credit card this month, if you hop on the bandwagon and enjoy one of the newly reduced United Airlines fares that they have recently introduced in their post holiday airfare sale.

The airline has apparently done this a few times in the past to rile some interest in traveling during a typically slow period in air travel, after the holidays have settled. Most of their competitors now do the same thing, but they were the pioneers in the after holiday airfare sales for the most part.

The tickets have to purchased at 14 days in advance, so it does sort of limite the element of spontaneity, and also of course limits the amount of planning time for some of us who are avid planners, but the deals are pretty hard to resist, ranging from low $150 round trip airfares within the US, to one way tickets that are dirt cheap.

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