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Why an Airline Miles Credit Card Rocks if You Have a Business

I have two United Airlines credit cards, and I absolutely love the fact that I can go somewhere pretty much free of charge about three times per year with the airline miles I accumulate. Sometimes people I tell this to are curious how I rack up so many points in a year.

Well, the secret is that I actually have one I use for personal purchases, which is linked up to my Chase checking account as a debit card, and I have one that is a real charge card that I use for business purposes.

My business purchases are pretty hefty every month, and when I add that in to my personal purchases, which I try to make just about every one with my airline miles credit card so I can rack up the miles faster, it really makes for a fast path to free airline tickets. I absolutely LOVE the fact that now United has partnered with Continental and they have even better flight choices to pick from on their free flight menus.

It used to be that I’d get the bottom of the barrel, least desirable departure times and also the worst when it came to layovers, but now that they have partnered with eachother, every flight pretty much has a really good departure time and you can actually find SOME flights that you don’t have to have a million hour layover for.
It’s really great, and I didn’t think that getting free flights a couple times a year could get better, but it really did.

Airline miles credit cards are probably one of the best credit card rewards programs going today in my opinion.

My husband has a separate checking account with Chase bank, and he uses their rewards program for their debit card, which he really loves, but I still think I get more bang for my buck by using an airline miles credit card. It costs me $75 per year as a maintenance fee, but it’s well worth the free tickets I get in the end.

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