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Will People’s Budgets Rebound with Gas Prices Lowering?

It seems the gas noose that was tightening over all of our wallets and putting a severe damper on consumer spending on fun stuff, may be loosening it’s grip just a bit.

At least I know in my household it is. Instead of dropping $40 at the gas pump every time, now I am only dropping less than $30 for a full tank.

This is a huge relief, even though it’s “only ten bucks”, because it’s just another thing that seems to be sucking down my cash flow lately.

All the little things really do have a cumulative effect on your excess cash flow. That pop you buy, or that fast food you just bough all adds up, many times to the tune of at least a hundred bucks a month.

Most of my friends say it’s loosened up their cash flow a little too, since many of my friends drive long distances for work our just travel a lot period.

Someone even told me that gas may be back on it’s way down to less than $2 a gallon, how great would that be? I’m not counting on it now though, since it’s been so unpredictable for a while now.

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